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    auto fill the field



      auto fill the field


      I have been searching the forum. but it seems I cannot find the one that match my problem.

      I need to auto fill the field with something like this.

      I have students with different courses and different year levels. Ex. HRM, BSCS, BSBA etc. Each course is billed initially and uniformly but I need to insert another fee that I just need to bill the 1st year HRM students. How can I automatically do that?

      I have tables for students, fees and billing.

      thanks a lot.

      by the way i'm using FM12

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          I have tables for students, fees and billing.

          You'll need to help us to help you. Please provide a more detailed description of your current design. How you link those tables in relationships will (pun intentional) be a key part of your description of the problem.