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Auto Fit Text

Question asked by anicolais on Aug 18, 2009
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Auto Fit Text


I have a database that is just a single layout and table that is used to creat a template for PDF's. It jsut has a bunch of data that goes into fields in excel then I add some on my own data into the preset fields with copy and paste from excel depending what they are. The thing is that these PDF's need to be 2 pages long no longer. Every single record has completely the same fields but the information amount varies per record. This leaves me formatting and reformating every single record before I save it as a PDF so everything will fit on 2 pages and the text boxes are big enough to not cut off any text. Is there a way to auto fit first of all on 2 pages. And also auto fit the fields so all the text is showing. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.