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Auto Generating ID's with an auto Reset

Question asked by BradenDouglass on Mar 2, 2011
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Auto Generating ID's with an auto Reset


Ok all, I have never really given this a whirl before but thought I would throw together something quick to test the usability. Needless to say, I have hit a snag. I have a unique ID table set to a "lots" table allowing many lots to be attached to a specific ID. What I want to do is increment the lots compared to the ID only. As long as there were new record being created from the id, it would increment up by 1. Once we changed ID, it would reset to 1 and count upwards. Kinda like below. Thank you for the help and sorry for the odd title.

id1 - lot1

id1 - lot2

id1 - lot3

id2 - lot1

id3 - lot1

id1 - lot4