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Auto Import a file by multiple users

Question asked by FileMakerNovice on Jan 6, 2014
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Auto Import a file by multiple users


     Hey all,

     I have an FM13 database that I import four xls documents daily.  Previously, I created a script that used the import step to import from my download folder.  I set it to import certain fields.

     I am now wanting to have other users on other computers import these files.  Here is one of my scripts:
     Set Variable [$drive; Value:Get(SystemDrive)]
     Set Variable [$user; Value:Get(UserName)]
     Import Records [No dialog; Source: "file:/$drive/Users/$User/Downloads/FileName.xls"; Worksheet: ""; Update Matching; Mac Roman]

     My problem is that it does not allow me to specify fields.  Each of the 4 reports has close to 20 columns, of which, I only import 3-10.  Is there something that I am not seeing?  Can this work?