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Auto incrementing ID numbers

Question asked by KyleB. on Jan 17, 2012
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Auto incrementing ID numbers



I am a student at Michigan Technological University working with an on going experiment with my advisor.  We will be running thousands of samples over the next few years and are using file maker to log each sample and the data collected.

Our process of operation is to make a record in File Maker and give it a sample ID number.  To avoid mis-typing of digits or accidental replicating of an ID number I was hoping to make FM see the previous record when sorted by ID and assign a newly created record with an ID number 1 + the previous. 

Neither of us are well versed in databases.  I have tried to use the serial number option but it hasn't worked out.  It keeps incrementing by larger and larger values even though we only want a single number incrementation.  I have tried to use "calculate value" on the Auto-Enter tab, but it has always returned an empty box.


So... Simply stated we would like file maker to auto enter the Sample ID number 1 larger than the previous largest ID number. 

The help is greatly appreciated.