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    Auto insert logo



      Auto insert logo



      I want to be able to automatically insert a png logo image when I create new record. I have set up a Global table and created a container field that holds the png image in question (not just a reference to it). I have tried 1) inserting the global field into my layout but this doesn't display anything. I have also tried setting up the target field to auto fill using a =Global::Logofield calculation but this doesn't work either. Ideally I wanted to use a global image that could be updated just by changing the Global table field content instead of manually changing images on each layout. Hope this makes sense. Any suggestions what I might be doing wrong? 

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          Dave Graham

          This is a pretty common technique, so you are probably just missing something small. 

          Is this a shared solution? If so, the global field will only store the value for the current session and is reset to default the next time it's opened. 

          You sure the container field has global storage enabled?

          - dg

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            If this is a shared database, you may want to store the image in a special table of one record and either load your global from this record via script when the file opens or use the X operator in a relationship to link your single logo record to all records of the layout's table.