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Auto Insert Value from last modified record but different field...

Question asked by EvanEffa on Apr 13, 2011
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Auto Insert Value from last modified record but different field...


Hi all.  I have done a few  searches without finding the answer I need.

I work as a fee for service Anesthesiologist. I have been using various versions of HanDBase Pro for this purpose for many years.

I am considering switching from using HanDBase for iPhone to collecting my professional billing data with a Filemaker Pro/Go combination.  (It would allow for more secure continuous backup & hopefully more flexible printing and reporting.)

I have to confess that I am a little spoiled in that the venerable HanDBase does a lot of what I need quite simply.  I am struggling to find similar functionality in FM Pro.

Here's the problem:  I want to create a relatively simple database where I enter a 'Start Time' & a 'Finish Time' for each patient encounter.   Typically, my 'Start time' for the next patient record will be the 'Finish time' of the previously entered record.  In HanDBase, one can specify an overridable auto-enter of the previous record 'Finish Time' to be entered in the new record 'Start Time'.  The only option I see in FM Pro is to Auto-Enter the 'Value from Last Visited Record' with no option to specify a different field form the last visited record.

Is there a work-around for this problem?  It would seem to be a relatively simple & important function to have.

Thank you for any feedback or suggestions you might have.