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    Auto Login



      Auto Login


      im using datafile1 to open all other data files. But when they click datafile 2 from datafile 1i want them to auto login with a user name a password they dont know and cant see thus forcing them to use datafile 1. any help would be awsone thank you.

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          My understanding is that if they have opened datafile1 with a Username and password that is valid for datafile2 then if datafile1 needs to open datafile2 (say via a relationship) then to make life easy for the user it will open it seamlessly, with the user's original valid name and password.


          If you want to set a file - say, datafile2 - to open with a default user name and password that the user does not know, then you can use the File -> File Options menu to set a default user name to log in with.


          But I do not know which action takes precedence here, though I do know (to my inconvenience) that if the file database2 has already been opened (even if hidden) by database1 it will have opened with the * default * username and password.


          If you are using datafile1 as simply a 'Dashboard' to launch other files from, I would suggest the following is worth a try:

          - Make sure that user names and passwords are not replicated in both files

          - Set datafile2 to open with a default username and password


          But I have to admit I'm thrown by your comment  "...thus forcing them to use datafile1".  I may be missing what exactly it is you are trying to achieve.