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Auto number

Question asked by Fagreement on May 30, 2012
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Auto number


I have a table Collection related to another table Document. Each Collection may have multiple row in Document table.

I have in the UI a "document No" field, from the Document table,  which is a free text field, the user enter per example: MT_1/2012

where "MT" is a prefix

1 is a manual incremental number by the user, and insdiate the document number under a colelction

2012 is the year.


for another document under the same collection the user enter: MT_2/2012


All this management is manual actually. the user ask to make it somehow automated, which mean the doc number (only the doc number) should be auto incremental within the same Collection.

so i thought to split this field and put the doc number independant, but how can i make it auto incremental only within the same collection .


hope i was clear