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Auto numbering and auto creating 500+ shipping labels

Question asked by PL on Apr 26, 2013
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Auto numbering and auto creating 500+ shipping labels



     I am a new user for FM Pro 12.  I hope someone can help me for my first FM Pro project.


     I created 4 fields

     1. Description

     2. Carton Start number

     3. Carton number

     4. Total boxes


     For example, I need to create 500 shipping labels for 500 boxes that need to be shipped.  The first 100 boxes (named carton 1, 2, 3,……100) has description A.  Then from carton 101 to 150 may have description B.  Carton 151 to 400 may have description C.  Finally, carton 401 to 500 may have description D.


     I want to input all the information in one single form (which I already created).  Then, the FileMaker Pro can create the carton numbers and print on an assigned label (I know how to format the layout).


     Can anyone help me for the auto numbering and auto creating the 500 carton numbers when I print the label?


     Thanks for your help in advance.