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Auto Popuating Data Entry Portal Fields

Question asked by GregO'Connnor on Dec 19, 2012
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Auto Popuating Data Entry Portal Fields


     I'm working in FIlemaker Pro Advanced 12.  I'm working with 3 tables Client, Department and Staffing.  I have a Drop down box to select the Client Name from the Client table and another to select a Shift Date to be written into the Staffing Table.  I have a portal which allows for Data Entry into the Staffing Table below the Drop Down and Shift Date selection . I would like to populate the Shift Date and Departments in the Data Entry portal based on the which client and shift date were selected. Below is table diagram . I'm novice with Filemaker by the way

Client Table                              Department Table                          Staffing Table

     Client ID  <---------------------> Client ID                                                Shift Date

     Client Name                             Deparment ID      < ----------------->   Department  ID

                                                         Department Name <-----------------> Department Name

                                                                                                                         Field 1

                                                                                                                         Field 2 .......