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    Auto Populate



      Auto Populate


           I am brand new to FileMaker and still trying to learn it so basic directions would be helpful.

           I am creating a training log database for about 300 employees.  One training is CPR - I will fill this date in when the training is completed.  The next field is CPR Due Date - I would like this field to automatically fill in 2 years from the date that I entered for the first field.  Thanks for your help. 

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               Give it this auto-enter calculation:

               Date ( month ( TrainingDate ) ; Day ( TrainingDate ) ; Year ( TrainingDate ) + 1 )


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                 Thanks Phil -

                 Where do I enter this calculation?  Thanks f0r your help.

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                   It's an auto-entered calculation.

                   Open manage | Database | fields.

                   Find the second date field and double click it to open field options. Select the auto-enter tab in this dialog. click the calcuation option and enter this calculation, but user your actual field name in place of "trainingdate".

                   This gives you the option of being able to edit the date calculated. If you don't need that option, you can simply change the field's type from date to calculation and enter the specified calculation via that route.

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                     Thanks again.  Got it figured out.  I appreciate your help.