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Auto Populate 6 Fields Based off of 1 Input Field

Question asked by Infinite_Guest on Dec 28, 2012
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Auto Populate 6 Fields Based off of 1 Input Field


     Hey All,

     Thank you in advance for your help.

     I am very new to FileMaker (I was just introduced to the software this morning).  Currently I am trying to manage a database of billing information to generate reports.

     The task at hand boils down to generating reports based off of individual and the events that they have attended.

     My database is constructed like this:

Date | Event ID | Name | Organization | Cost | Billed | Title | Description

     **Database is historical, so there is no need to account for potential changes in the data.  Once I have generated my reports I will have accomplished my goal.

     I'd like to have a drop down list allowing you to choose a specific Name.  By selecting a Name, it would pull from my table, populating my report that I had designed.

     The report would have Event | Date | Title | Description | Cost | Billed across the top, with the data below.

     An interesting twist with this is that the people (the "Name" category), attended a various number of events.

     I've attached a sketch of my end goal.

     If all goes accordingly, I would like to generate a report like this for each individual (600+).

     Can anybody point me in the right direction?  Is this project feasible with FM?