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Auto Populate fields from one field.( Lookup ?? )

Question asked by DaveDave on May 19, 2012
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Auto Populate fields from one field.( Lookup ?? )


Hi All,

Have been chasing my tail trying to populate several fields from the answer of another field.

I'll keep it simple .

Database contains three fileds

Customer, Address and Serial Number.

What I'm trying to achieve is when I type a serial number into the serial number field it looks up and auto populates the customer and address field with the correct information.


Please bear in mind Im new to this, so please explain like your talking to a three year old !!. I've  tryied many examples but cant find one that populates the fields.  

I'm assuming I will need two tables that have relationships setup and I'm guessing I should be using the LookUp Script ?

If anybody could help me out that would be much appreciated or even send over a sample file which I could dissect and lean from.

Thanks  Dave'O