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Auto populate portal records based on parent table.

Question asked by AliSheikh on Nov 4, 2013
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Auto populate portal records based on parent table.



         I've had some help earlier in creating a database i'm working on from this site and for which i'm really thankful. Right now i've come across a roadblock where i have an invoice table with a portal to lines table. 


     Invoice ----< Lines table >-----parts>----category---->release>----project


      From the invoice table i selected a couple of conditional drop down fields which help me select only the selected parts from the lines table portal. All that goes fine, except that i want to find a way to automatically populate the lines table based on the selection i've made on the invoice table. For example i have fk fields to project, release and category on the invoice table and when i select the ones im looking for, then i'm able to choose only those parts that belong to that series of selections i've made in the fk fields. But this only happens one portal row at a time. I saw some scripts earlier but couldn't find a way to implement them into my issue. Can anyone guide me to create a script to do what i require. Thanks!