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auto rebuild "lablife " storage in filemaker

Question asked by StephanieRott on Jun 28, 2013
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auto rebuild "lablife " storage in filemaker



     Hi everybody,


     due to diverse reasons we had to start using the software "Filemaker" instead of our long used "Lablife" software, for storing and organizing issues.

     After a little bit of training and several online tutorials I managed to export our data from Lablife and upload it into Filemaker. Moreover I created a layout for import, editing and management of our data and this works fine so far.


     My problem right now is the function "storage" of Lablife. I would like to rebuild this function within Filemaker, but have no clue how to approach this.  The function "storage" shows you an overview of the content of a certain container/box and within this box you have links to each single item with further informations.

     Does anyone know if there maybe is already something like that for Filemaker that I could not find, or if not, how to rebuild it.


     Many thanks in advance!!