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Auto Select a VALUE LIST from Result..POSSIBLE?

Question asked by photowyzard on Mar 20, 2014
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Auto Select a VALUE LIST from Result..POSSIBLE?


      I am writing a module to manage Passwords for a number of multiple servers and I am stumped by what is probably a simple problem.  Here is my simple database:

     5 Fields:

     IP Address      Server        MODULE Name              Employee             Password

     - IP is a drop down with a list of 4 servers

     - Server is a CASE statement based the result of IP Address selected, auto entered

MODULE Name <---- this is the one I am having issue with.

     - 4 Servers each with their own Value List of Filemaker Solutions Modules, some similarly named, some different

     The value list has to be unique to each server based on the server selected

     I would like the Value List to be automatically selected when the Server is selected and then a drop down list is opened for selection.


     If Servers are Called  Server A, Server B, Server C, Server D


     Associated Value Lists are Called

     Value List A, Value List B, Value List C, Value List D

     When Server C is selected, I would like the associated Value List C to populate the Module Name field Selection.

     Is this possible? 

     I need to have unique 4 Value Lists.  If so, how would you set this up? Never tried this before.