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    Auto selecting landscape paper orientation



      Auto selecting landscape paper orientation



           I have a report that has been designed to printed or saved to PDF in the Landscape orientation. And I give the user these options along with a Cancel option via a script and a Custom Dialogue.

           However I have no idea whether their Printer Properties are set to Landscape for Paper Orientation.

           If they select "Print" from my custom dialogue I bring up the Print Setup and hopefully they will set the orientation appropriately. But is their anyway I can do this automatically through a script step or something?

           The situation is worse if they save to PDF because although I can again bring up the Print Setup the end user might think it strange that "Why is the printer setup coming up when I just want to save to PDF"

           Any ideas?




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               For PDFs, just have the script do a printer set up to select the landscape orientation without ever showing the dialog box to the user. You can specify the orientation as a setting stored in the script step.

               This can also be the case with printing to hard copy, but there can be issues if your users aren't all using the same printer to print.

               You may also want to evaluate the MyFMButler plug in to see if it is worth the cost as it offers script level control of the details of your printing process in ways not possible in FileMaker alone.