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    Auto size window



      Auto size window


           I dont remember this being a problem, but it is now.  When i open a layout that is bigger than my current window, the window does not expand to view the entire form.  Is there a way to make it do so?  

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               If you are using a script to open the window, you can specify dimensions for the window that are appropriate to the form.

               Are you sure that the issue isn't the reverse of this? You aren't opening a window and finding that the layout doesn't expand to fit the window?

               That's the more typical issue that I see here in the forum.

               You can set auto-size anchors on layout objects to reposition them relative to the current size of the window. I often put an invisible layout object in the lower right corner of my layout and select only the bottom and right layout anchors for that object. It will then "stretch" the layout background to fill any size window that is larger than the layout width that I  defined in layout mode.

               This can be especially helpful in FM GO with iPhone layouts as it can help the layout adapt to changes in phone orientation.

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                 Here is a example of what is happening. Please help

                 The window is not large enough to view All of the layout.  I'm fine with either the window automatically expanding or the layout shrinking automatically to fit window.  Please walk me through how to do either one.

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                   I need to know more.

                   Is the window open to as large a size as will fit on your monitor?

                   Did you open the window with a script? Is this the window you see when you open the file? Or did you open the window from the Windows menu?

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                     The window just opens to the default size, i have much more space on my desktop.  i am not opening with a script  I can though if I need too. I use a button to go to the layout 

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                       I fixed it created a script to go to layout and adjust window resize to fit

                       Thank you