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    Auto Sorting in FMP 10 - Turn off



      Auto Sorting in FMP 10 - Turn off


      When viewing records in a sorted list, changing a value in a sorted field causes the record to jump to its new location in the list.


      How do you turn this OFF?  Please help. Its hard to update 100s of records while you wait for the sort.

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          You can't and numerous folks, myself included, have complained about it. If you want to add your complaint to the list you can post a message to the feedback forum and/or go to Company | Contact Us to use their feature suggestion form.


          A work around has been developed by ULearnIT--I haven't succeeded in pulling up the thread where a link to his site brought up a full feature artical on the technique, but it involves triggering a script and then pausing it. As long as the script is paused, the auto-sort will be disabled. After the user completes their edits, you have to continue or cancel the paused script.