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Auto trigger Find with Barcode scanner

Question asked by FORRESTMAREADY on Jan 21, 2014
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Auto trigger Find with Barcode scanner


     I'm trying to create a simple asset tracking system that defaults to 'Find' mode. You scan a barcode, it matches it, then immediately goes to Edit that record. I have two questions- I realize that I can have the Barcode Scanner trigger a tab character automatically, but this doesn't trigger the actual search. I still have to hit the Enter key to trigger the search. Is there a way to have Filemaker wait for a numeric input (via Barcode scanner), then automatically trigger a search on tab?

     2nd Question- I'm trying to track the item around a variety of locations. I'd like to be able to scan the item to "find" it, then immediately scan another barcode that represents the location that item is currently at. So the first scan is "Find", the second is "Edit". Is this possible with only two Barcode scans and no additional clicks or inputs from the user?

     Many thanks for any help.