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Auto update 46" display with work load via FM GO and FM PRO

Question asked by AlejandroGidi on Feb 25, 2013
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Auto update 46" display with work load via FM GO and FM PRO



     Hi guys.  Inquiry for the gurus...


     We need to create a system what will display a work order on a 46" LCD display mounted on a wall.  (PC FMPRO kiosk mode?)

     The work orders are going to be created, and closed, from an iPad with Go,  the average work order life is 2~5mins.

     (much like a restaurant scenario, but no food involved :)  )

     The work orders on the display need to appear after the ipad creates them, several orders will be opened at the same time, piling up in the screen/display.  The work order is a bunch of containers with photos and names of the items involved.

     There is no particular order for closing the work orders. A smaller work order can finish before than a larger one posted earlier.

     I would like the orders to slide in, or pile up, or pile down, when they are created and closed.

     No fancy animations required, but a simple table/spreadsheet view is not viable.

     One my coders doubts it can be done in FM, because you need to change records back and forth  to see a change.

     Is there a way to auto update the display? ideas comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

     We really want to do this in FM, as we need PC/Mac IOS compatibility.