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Auto Update Children

Question asked by KeithBuckley on Jan 27, 2014
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Auto Update Children


     Hey Team,

     I'm building an asset database and I'm after some pointers on automatically updating child records. The DB is a single table with a self-refernce. For example: We provide a cabinet (OCAB) and inside it can sit a monitor module (OMON). To track our products we assign everything a unique internal ID and have a "Linked" field.  What I'm wanting to automate is the following scenario:
     ID000001 is an OCAB and is not currently assigned a Project.
     ID000002 is an OMON is linked to ID000001 and not assigned to a Project
     A new order comes in and ID000001 is assigned to a new project but I have to manually update ID000002

     This is annoying at present because we also sell frames with <21 swappable cards that are all linked to the parent.

     The database is largely based on the Assets starter solution but I've dropped some fields and added relevant ones.

     Any pointers would be appreciated as google searches turn up nothing