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Auto update of records when fields change

Question asked by DavidLoveridge on Aug 8, 2013
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Auto update of records when fields change


     Hello Everyone,

     I have a database that is a contacts database of sorts. The problem I am having is getting a particular field to update when I update a record on another table

     There is a table called Courses and it has list of course names in it. Its just a plain text field. The Courses table links to a second table called Join. The Join table is basically an intermediate table in between the Courses table and People table  to sort out a many to many relationship between Courses and People (another table). The records in the Join table are created from a portal field in the People table.

     When the records are created in the Join table, there is a field for 'Course Name' in the Join table and this is a value list based on the 'Course Name' field in the Courses table. So when I create a record in the join table the record of the course name in the table is static.

     What I want to do it change the way the Course Name field in the join table access the Courses table so when I change the name of a course in the courses table all the records in the join table are updated.

     How can I do this?

     Let me know if more information is required.

     Thanks in advance.