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Auto-Add to Reminders and Calendar

Question asked by Ryusui on Jun 28, 2015
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Auto-Add to Reminders and Calendar


Greetings, all.

I have been researching for a few weeks now with few results, so hopefully someone here might be gracious enough to help me out.  I have an event database that, after setting the event date for the new record, will auto-populate a number of fields with due dates for a bunch of different tasks.  My understanding is that I should be able to use AppleScript for this, but I have not been able to figure out how.

My first question: is there a way to have Filemaker add an event to my Mac Calendar once I set the event date and start and end times in the record?  I'd like it to be added to a particular calendar - that is, the "Business" calendar in the Calendar app - with a predetermined format that is a mix of static text and info from fields.  So for example, when it adds the event date and time to my calendar, the event would be titled:

In addition, is there a way to have the new calendar event set the "location" field in the Mac Calendar app utilizing one or more of the fields?  So if it has one location, it would just insert that location in the the Mac Calendar location field.  If it has 2 or three, it would be like:

Finally on the calendar topic, I need to make sure that if I change something like the times or location(s), that it auto-updates the calendar event once I validate the field.  Or if I mark the event as "INACTIVE" (they have three statuses: ACTIVE, INACTIVE, COMPLETED) that it removes the event from the calendar completely.

For reminders, as mentioned my record contains a task list that will auto-populate due dates based on when I choose the event date.  Once these fields have their dates auto-populated, I want it to automatically create reminders for each one of the task items in the "Business" reminder list of the Mac Reminders app.  Again, it needs to have a set format so that if I have 30 events going on at once, I know which task is for which event.  So maybe something like:
And so forth.  Also, my tasks don't have due times, but is there a way, upon auto-export to the reminders, that I can tell it to set them all to the same due time?  Say 10am?

Lastly, can this sync two-ways?  So if I delete the task from the Reminders app, or mark it as complete, it will delete the date from the field, or mark the task complete in the database record?  Or if I delete the date from the record's field or mark that field as complete, that it deletes the reminder from the app or marks it as complete.

For the task list, I have a checkbox list that has a box connected to each one of the task fields.  If a field is past due, the field's title will show in red.  If I click on that field's checkbox, or if I delete the date from the field, the field title will revert back to black.

I hope someone can either assist me or direct me to a link I can accomplish a task that has been haunting me for a while.  Thanks for your time!