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    Auto-Complete Calculation w/ File Import



      Auto-Complete Calculation w/ File Import


      I'm importing a series of .CSV files into FMP tables.  For each table, there is an id field that is defined as:

      Type = Text

      Options = Indexed, Auto-enter Calculaiton, Required Value, Unique

      The calculation is Get (UUID).

      I have several tables, the set-up is identical.  In one table, the import acts as expected with each record having a UUID created as an id for each record.  However, in the other five tables, no value is created.

      I'm stumped, any ideas?

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          This is an Auto-Enter calculation. Auto-Complete is something different. Wink

          The very last thing to appear when you perform a record import or set up a script to import records, is a small dialog box with a check box where you can choose whether or not auto-enter options are enabled during the import. From what you describe, it is most likely that this option is specified in one script and not the other.

          You can repair such issues after import, if needed, by using Replace Field Contents and its Calculation option to add the missing data.