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    Auto-Complete feature (Urgent plss)



      Auto-Complete feature (Urgent plss)


      Hi, I'm having a problem in database. The problem is that for example if I've typed in something wrong and later on I change it. so next tiem when i try to enter something else in a new field the misspelled word also appears in auto-complete. Then we have clients like clent A, clientB, and etc theyre all unique. But when we try to enter a client it pops up client A, B etc which is fine but then some of them are sppearing twice in that auto-complete drop-down list. its not something very critical but doesnt look professional. any help would be much appreciated. thanks.

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          In regards to the fields ClientA and ClientB (which i'm assuming is what your value list(s) is based on)

          Have you tried turning on the "Unique Value" option?



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            When you set up a value list to display values from a data field, you also have to consider what you'll need to do maintain this list as now all unique values in  your table (or a subset if you use the related values option) will appear in the value list.


            You might try simply entering find mode, selecting the misspelled entry and then performing the find. You can then correct the error in the records where the misspelling is found.


            A better option would be to have a clients table where each client appears only once. Not only is this better DB design, but you can then base your value list on this table and set up a validation that refuses all values not already part of this value list.


            Of course, once you have such a table, it's much better design, to give each client record a unique, auto-entered ID and use that value instead of the client's name to link information (Such as a client's name, phone, address, etc) to records in any other tables in your database where you need to see this information.


            Once you've done that though, auto-complete is no longer functional at all as your drop down lists have become two column value lists with the ID number in the first column and the client's name in the second.


            Which leads us to the following thread if you want to set up a solution where you can use auto-complete with ID number linked tables:

            Tutorial: How to use an auto-complete drop down list when selecting records related by ID number