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Auto-Complete Not Working as Intended

Question asked by pademo57 on Feb 19, 2012
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Auto-Complete Not Working as Intended


Hi There,

Our apprenticeship program has started using Filemaker Pro for training new employees. On the layout "Training", we include the employee name, teacher name and a portal which shows "Assignments".  The teacher can add an one or more "Activitity" items in the portal (like a Line item) and there are three fields: Activity Number, Activity Title, and Activity Grade.

When I set up a value list, I used ACTID in first column and ACT_Title in the second column for the value list. However, when I add the field Activity Title in the Assignment portal, put it as a drop-down list it "greys out" the Auto-Complete.

However, if I reverse this and put the ACT_Title in the first column and ACTID in the second column, the Auto-Complete works but the Primary key is not updated

The idea is that the Teacher can select the Activity Title and as they start typing in the Assignment Title it will Auto-complete and if they change the Title it will update the record.

The relationship between the two is:

Assignment Table----< Activity Table

Assignment Table:

ASID (Training ID Primary Key), etc.

fk_ACTID (foreign key from Activity ID)


Activity Table:

ACTID (Activity ID Primary Key)



So my question is: Is this possible? Or if not, how do I get this to work?