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Auto-Enter and Validation

Question asked by DaniRoloson on May 14, 2014
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Auto-Enter and Validation


     Using Pro 10 Advanced 

     We have friendly userids such as christopher.robinson that are only used for email and what we require in the field is their login userid such as crobinson but truncated to 8 characters so crobinso. Friendly userids always contain a period; login userids never contain a period.

     So I've got the Auto-Enter as a calculated value to do:

Let(At = Position ( Self ; "." ; 1 ; 1 );Case(At>0;Self;Left ( Self ; 8 )))

     so the field is only truncated if it doesn't contain a period since I don't want to end up with christop.

The Auto-Enter truncation seems to work fine whether I tab or click outside the fields.

     I've got Validate data in this field always, don't Allow user to override during data entry, and Validate by Calculation

Let (
         At = Position ( Self ; "." ; 1 ; 1 );
         At ≤ 0
         // Return boolean F if period was found

     with Display custom message if validation fails

No friendly userids i.e. no periods allowed.


The validation doesn't seem to happen if I tab but only if I click outside the fields.

Is there a way to get it to happen when I tab?