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auto-enter calc TIME OUT?

Question asked by Matty_1 on Jul 24, 2013
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auto-enter calc TIME OUT?


     I have an auto-enter calculation setup on a field that appears to be working completely fine on all machines but one.  Has anyone ever heard of auto-entre calculations breaking due to some sort of time-out?  I've used the users account on other machines and the function works fine, I've also logged in with the admin account on the trouble machine and I get a "?" just like with the other account that is normally used on the trouble machine.  So those two steps safely ruled out permissions issues.  The machine is running Mountain Lion and is a 13 inch macbook air, I thought the OS might be the problem but I have another user on a different machine that is also using Mountain Lion without any problems.  It is a newer macbook air though.

     Note I've done the most recent update and still get the the same question mark result.


     Any ideas?