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    Auto-Enter confusion



      Auto-Enter confusion



           I'm having issues correctly understanding how exactly auto-enter calculations work and don't work.  Based on what I've read in other posts, my current setup should work but it's not producing the results I'm looking for.

           My first question is: From what I've read, as long as I uncheck the "Do not replace existing value of field (if any)" the calculation field will act like any calculation field and not simply calculate when a new record is created.  Is that the case?  If so, can this calculation call upon other fields in a different table?

           I currently have two tables, a purchase table and a backbone dispatch table.  When a new purchase record is created a script automatically creates a backbone dispatch record and copy pastes the purchase serial ID into a match field in the dispatch table creating the link.  What I would like to have is an auto-enter calculation field that verifies (or keeps and eye on) a field in the dispatch table and matches whatever is in that field.  Should that ever change I want it to copy it over without using triggers.  Is that something I can do with auto-enter?

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                    My first question is: ...

               This is not quite the case. There are two situations where the auto-entered calculation will fail to update where a field of type calculation will not:

               1) pre-existing records will not update. If you add a new field with an auto-entered calculation, or edit the expression to change the calculation. The data in records created prior to this change will not update automatically. See this thread for a way to get them to update: Updating values in auto-enter calc fields without using Replace Field Contents

               2) if your auto-enter calc refers to data in a different record such as a field from a related table, changes to data in that field will not automatically casuse this calculation to update.