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Auto-enter error

Question asked by XavierLapointe-Gagner on Oct 25, 2012
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Auto-enter error


     I am having trouble fixing what seems to be a bug.


     I have created a field to display the account name in use when a new record is created. For some reason, this field is not entering the name correctly: instead of entering the proper name (the current account in use), it always enters the same name (France).


     I have provided some pictures:

     The first is a picture of the layout, you can see the auto-enter fields at the bottom of the layout: date created, created by, etc.

     The second is the same picture in browse view when a new record is created. You can see that the "last modified by" field is different from the "created by" field even though this is a newly created record.

     The third is a picture of the fields in the field manager. You can see what options have been selected for the feild.


     Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

     Xavier Lapointe-Gagner