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Question asked by RashinAlizadeh_1 on Jul 19, 2012
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Auto-Enter Field



I need Filemaker to calculate the date that old files need to be destroyed or moved to storage. This calculation will be based on two fields (Document Date and Years to Keep [how long the file is meant to be kept for]) and will affect two fields (Destroy Calculated Date [when to destroy it/move to storage] and location.

In order to calculate when to destroy/move the files I have written the following for the calculated Value in the options for the field that is supposed to display the destroy/move date called "Destroy Calculated Date".(although this calculation is receiving an error from the program and is not correct). Also, "Destroy Calculated Date" is a date field, although (as you will see below) it may display text. Is that a problem?

If (
YearsToKeep = "Permanent"; Destroy Calculated Date = "Permanent")
Else If (
YearsToKeep = ""; Destroy Calculated Date = "Permanent")
Else (
Date (Month (Document Date) ; Day (Document Date); Year (Document Date) + Hold for::Years to keep)

End If

Now for some of the files, for some of tehe files I want a list of when to destroy them. Meanwhile for some I do not want a list of when to destroy them, but rather when to move them into storage (both are displayed in the same filed: "Destroy Calculated Date"). I have a field for file location, but certain files I want FileMaker to automatically change the file location to storage and also make a list of the destroy/move to storage so that the physical files can be destroyed' or moved accordingly.

The logic is simple, but I do not know how to translate that into Filemaker language. Thanks.