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Auto-enter from last visited record not working predictably

Question asked by dsimonson on Jan 24, 2015
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Auto-enter from last visited record not working predictably


For my anesthesia record solution-

When the user wants to enter a new vital signs record, it would be nice to have the fields pre-filled with the data from the last record.  I put this option into the field setup in Manage Database, but the results are inconsistent.  

It's like this - the user taps a button on a layout for the anesthesia record, and is taken to a new layout (with a different table occurrence) to enter some new vital signs data.  A new vital signs record is created and the foreign key for the surgery is entered into the new record.  I want the user then to be able to choose to typeover the data from the last record or leave it alone  (the data is often the same for most of the fields).

Sounds like a perfect use of the "Auto-enter from last visited record", which is supposed to carry over the data from the last time a record was visited in that table, right?  But that is not what happens.  If I create a new record manually while on the vital signs layout, it works fine, but when I do it via a script on a button on a different layout, the fields are empty when I get to the new layout/record.

Ideas?  TIA!