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Auto-Enter Multiplication Product Question

Question asked by montshoman on May 31, 2015
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Auto-Enter Multiplication Product Question


I'm new to fm, and am trying to create a field that is the product of simple multiplication in another field, basically something along the lines of 3x5 in the first field, and 15 automatically populating into the next field.

I attempted to go under management, change the field to "calculation" (right now it's "text"), and when it brings up the next window typed =PRODUCT and double-clicked the field where the 3x5 is entered, when I click ok it kicks up a warning about needing " (which I've added and it still gives me the same warning)?

One more variable I ned to mention is the 3x5 field is occasionally text only instead of numbers, will this create more problems than I'm trying to solve?

Thank you in advance for any assistance