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Auto-enter search criteria

Question asked by TomGrasmeyer on Jul 4, 2014
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Auto-enter search criteria


     We are a print shop using Filemaker to manage our job dockets. We put our dockets into series. So we have jobs 0001a - 9999a, then a new series 0001b - 9999b, 0001 - 9999c, and so on. We are currently in ‘d’ series, and will be for the next 2 or so years. There are reasons for why we do this that I won’t get into here.

     Our Filemaker database manages this with two fields:

  •           docket_number (range 0001 - 9999, not unique)
  •           docket_series (a, b, c, or d…eventually moving up through the alphabet)

     The records are given a separate, unique numerical identifier for the purposes of relationships (separate field, used only by Filemaker).

     If we enter ‘FIND’ mode and search for docket ‘1234’ without filling out ‘d’ in the docket series field we’ll get four returns. We’ll get docket 1234A, 1234B, 1234C, and 1234D. I want to be able to have that ‘docket_series’ field automatically populate with a ‘d’ every time we enter ‘Find’ mode. When we get to ‘E’ in a few years, I’ll want it to automatically enter ‘e’. This way our users don’t have to constantly remember to enter a ‘d’ when they search, but they could also change this to ‘C’ or “A' if that’s actually what they are looking for. Is this possible?

     We have Filemaker running on our Mac server, all users in the shop access it using Safari (web sharing).