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auto-enter serial for a recurring excel import

Question asked by StephenSkoutas on Oct 10, 2012
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auto-enter serial for a recurring excel import


     I'm new to FM and I'm stumped by recurring imports.  I have set up a template spreadsheet that I want vendors to complete (product quote data).  When they complete the excel template, I paste their new data to a master excel spreadsheet which collects all of the vendor quote data, regardless of vendor or time.

     I then set up FM (pro12) to import these records into a table on a recurring basis.  FM set up a script and a button for me, and the import works very nicely.

     What I am trying to do at the same time is have FM assign my item number (basically a 5 digit serial).  I added a field to the table that the recurring import process created, and called the field PKInternalItemNo.  I defined it as a number, auto-enter serial, can't modify, numeric only, range (10000-99999), and allow override.

     When I go through the process (complete a vendor EXCEL quote template, paste it into the master EXCEL, and run the FM script), the new items appear properly but they are not being assigned my item number (serial).  Any ideas on what I've done wrong, or am I just going about it in the wrong way?

     Many thanks for any insight.