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Auto-Enter Serial Number problems

Question asked by basilisk2 on Jul 28, 2010
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Auto-Enter Serial Number problems


I dragged an Excel spreadsheet that had been saved from a Numbers document onto the Filemaker icon to create a database. This file didn't have any ClientID numbers, so I had to create a new field in the new database for this. I wanted the ClientID to be an auto-enter serial number on creation so that new records would have an automatically assigned ID number.

Before any relationships could be set up all of the empty ClientID fields had to be filled with numbers in order for relationships to work correctly, so I did this manually. This created records 1 to 90. My problem is that when I created my first New client, instead of creating the number 91, it created a second ClientID number 1.

How do I get the serial numbers to work correctly? Probably something straightforward, but I'm a Filemaker newbie and welcome any help as I'm clueless right now!