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Auto-Entering Date

Question asked by jdanniel on Sep 26, 2013
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Auto-Entering Date & Time and Then Creating a Go To Last Record Button


     Hello, I am using Filemaker Pro 12.4 Advanced.  I have a question about creating a button for an auto-generated timestamp field.

     I’ve figured out how to create a field that auto-generates a date and time.  I’ve also figured out how to add the field to my form layout.  The name of the field is Timestamp.

     I want to create a button that takes me to the very last record I ever entered.  I created a button and set it to Navigation/Go to Record/Request Page and set the option to Last.  I am assuming I need a timestamp for this, which is why I created that field.  If I am wrong, and this is not necessary, by all means, please let me know.

     The problem with the button is that I’ve sorted the list, and prefer to keep it sorted.  It is sorted by Customer Last Name. 

     So, I need to learn how to create a button that goes to the last record created, regardless of how the database is sorted.  Do I need a timestamp field for that, or is there another way to do this?

     I want a timestamp on my form regardless, though, so can I please get help auto-entering it so that it will appear in previously entered records?

     Thanks for reading this, and any help is sincerely appreciated.  Thank you!  Jack D.