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Auto-Entering Text in a Layout Field Text Box

Question asked by jdanniel on Dec 19, 2009
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Auto-Entering Text in a Layout Field Text Box


Hi everyone.  I'm using FM 10 and have created a very simple flat-file database for my movie collection.


I'm still in the process of working on the database, so please consider what I have done right now to be a rough draft. 


There are only four fields in my layout:







The last two are radio button sets, which are based on value lists I created.


I also created a NEW RECORD button. 


My question has to do with the Director field, though.  The Title and Director fields are default text boxes that were automatically created.  I haven't modified them, other than elongating them and changing the fill color and borders.


I want the Director text box to auto-fill text when I begin typing a letter or two.


For example:   Let's say I have a record for Raging Bull, by Scorsese.  I've typed Scorsese in the Director field box.


Now, I want to enter a record for the movie Taxi Driver.  When I go into the Director field text box, if I type just Sc, since there is now a record for Scorsese, how do I get the name Scorsese to appear just by typing the first two letters?



Thank you!