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    Auto-entry of data



      Auto-entry of data


           I would like to have it set up that when I enter/change a numerical value in a particular field of one record, that same number will then automatically appear/change in the same field of a few other other specified (by me) records also.  Not in all the records.

           I am guessing that perhaps this could be done with a calculated record (my entered number + 0)?  But I would really like to know how to do this for either numbers or text.  Simply: I type it here, it also appears there.

           Can someone walk me through this?



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               Actually, it would take a script to do that. But the need to perform such a task suggests that it might also be a better option to restructure your database so that you only need record this data in a single record related to all the records in these "few other" records.

               One way to do what you describe is to use a scripted find or Go to Related Records to isolate the records in a found set. Then Replace Field Contents can update a field in every record of this found set to have the same value.