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Auto-entry of dates: File format vs system format issue?

Question asked by aikiko on Aug 31, 2010
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Auto-entry of dates: File format vs system format issue?


Dear All,

I have several Date fields which are of the Date type.

When I write a date (in the format DD/MM/YYYY) to be automatically entered (Options for Field "Field name"<Auto-Enter>Data:), two things happen when I create a new record:

1) the Auto-entered date comes up in the MM/DD/YYYY format

2) the date appears not to be recognised as a date field for other calculations e.g. determining age.

I have checked the system format and the settings are for DD/MM/YYYY. 

Perhaps the problem lies in the file format which appears to be in MM/DD/YYYY format, and am now not sure how to change it back to DD/MM/YYYY format. Can this be altered?

The DB informs me about this confliction between system and file formats and I choose the system format.

So in summary, when I manually enter the date in the new record, it recognises it as DD/MM/YYYY but when I auto-enter it, it recognises it as MM/DD/YYYY.

I am now currently working on XP, FMP11.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.