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Auto-Entry some fields?

Question asked by MJWebster on Jan 16, 2011
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Auto-Entry some fields?



I have just transcribed a regiment who served in the Boer War. I have 3,500 records, on one field it lists what the men told the enrolment officer about their Nationality, however its all a bit mixed, i.e. British, Britisher, Colonial etc, there are 2,900 records which fit in to a British record, and therefore I would like to Auto-Enter a new field with just those 2,900 records..

I had thought that if I sorted those 2,900 records out of the 3,500 and then used a Global field, but of course that does work.

Is there a way after sorting 2,900 records out of the 3,500 to auto-enter a field of just those 2,900 records?

Thanks for any help..


Running Filemaker 11 on Mac OS 10.6.6.