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    Auto-fill a field based on value list field



      Auto-fill a field based on value list field


           Hello people!

           Like the title says, I have a bilingual database that is giving me a headache. I have a series of tables, with multiple value list fields in Serbian. Also, I have a corresponding English fields that I am trying is to auto-fill based on a selection in Serbian field.

           What I tried so far is to create a dictionary table, and using relationship and a look-up option auto-fill the English filed, and it works fine, as long as there is a single field. As soon as I add additional relationships, the whole thing goes berserk.

           I know that I can add additional table occurrences to the relationship graph, but being that there are many fields, across 6 different tables, it will get really cluttered. Also, I know I can create a script to check for translation, and run it on some sort of script trigger, but I would rather like to avoid scripting it (too much moving parts, scripts, script parameters, ...).

           I created a small test file on the link bellow:

           Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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               How do you want this to look on the final version of your layout?

               In your test file, what I see as Field1, Field2, Field3 could easily be set up as three records instead of three fields and then you only need a single relationship to make this work.

               Depending on how you need to design the final version of your layout, you may be able to set up a join table where each record in the join table has the translated text for a single field and then one row portals to that join table might be used to show the correct translation record for the correct field. But much depends on how you need to set up your layout.

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                 Unfortunately, they cant be set up as three records, as this is a over-simplified version of the table that has 30-something fields in it.

                 And the layout design should be rather similar to the one in the test file, plus another 26-27 fields, so lets say it calls for a single table containing all said records...

                 Is there a way to connect two value lists in the fields of the same table like:

                 List One                List Two
                 Jedan     --------    One
                 Dva         --------    Two
                 Tri           --------    Three

                 so if You pick "Dva" from the first list, for example, it will automatically pick "Two" from the other one?


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                   If the layout design is similar to the test file, then you can make the change that I am suggesting and put each "field" in its own record. The fact that this results in 26 or more records would not be a problem and allows you to use a single relationship instead of 26 relationships to 26 different table occurrences of the look up table.

                   For your second question, I've assumed from the beginning that selecting "Dva" in the value list would cause "Two" to appear in another field, but this would not be a second value list, just another field in the same record of the same table where "Dva" was entered.