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Auto-fill a field based on value list field

Question asked by MilutinPetrovic on Apr 15, 2014
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Auto-fill a field based on value list field


     Hello people!

     Like the title says, I have a bilingual database that is giving me a headache. I have a series of tables, with multiple value list fields in Serbian. Also, I have a corresponding English fields that I am trying is to auto-fill based on a selection in Serbian field.

     What I tried so far is to create a dictionary table, and using relationship and a look-up option auto-fill the English filed, and it works fine, as long as there is a single field. As soon as I add additional relationships, the whole thing goes berserk.

     I know that I can add additional table occurrences to the relationship graph, but being that there are many fields, across 6 different tables, it will get really cluttered. Also, I know I can create a script to check for translation, and run it on some sort of script trigger, but I would rather like to avoid scripting it (too much moving parts, scripts, script parameters, ...).

     I created a small test file on the link bellow:

     Any help would be greatly appreciated!