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auto-fill and multi-level filtering

Question asked by SarahGaby on Jan 13, 2012
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auto-fill and multi-level filtering


I have a couple issues I am trying to work out on my database.

1) I have built scripts that go between tables and I want them to perform an auto-fill into the record they create. For instnace, when I am on a record for an event, I can click a button to add an individual to that event, and I want some of the fields from the event record to transfer to the individual such as the name of the event and the city. How would i go about doing this?


2) I have a relational field to match the name of an episode by porividing a drop down list of choices. I have created this field by linking the episode field in the episode table to the episode field in the event table through a primary key. The episode field in the event table is then set to sort through the primary key and the event name. The viewer only sees the event name, but I would like for the event names to match the cities. Is there anyway to have a third field that displays values. In the two that are options I need primary key and name, but I would like a third that has city. If this is not possible, is there another way to accomplish this?