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Auto-fill Based on Drop-Down?

Question asked by Reast on Mar 21, 2010
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Auto-fill Based on Drop-Down?


I'm working on an estimating database and need help with the following:


I need to be able to auto-fill two fields based on a selection from a separate drop-down field.  For example:


Drop-down contains names of 10 pieces of machinery.  Based on the name of the machine chosen from the drop-down, I need two other fields to autopopulate (a Machine Rate field and a Make-Ready field).  If production chooses "Machine A," I need Machine Rate to show 60 and Make-Ready to show 75.  Machine Rate and Make-Ready are different based on each machine. 


Is it possible to do this?  I've tried to do it by creating several files and doing look-ups but it's becoming incredibly cumbersome.  Any thoughts and suggestions would be wonderful!


Thanks a bunch!