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    Auto-fill Based on Drop-Down?



      Auto-fill Based on Drop-Down?


      I'm working on an estimating database and need help with the following:


      I need to be able to auto-fill two fields based on a selection from a separate drop-down field.  For example:


      Drop-down contains names of 10 pieces of machinery.  Based on the name of the machine chosen from the drop-down, I need two other fields to autopopulate (a Machine Rate field and a Make-Ready field).  If production chooses "Machine A," I need Machine Rate to show 60 and Make-Ready to show 75.  Machine Rate and Make-Ready are different based on each machine. 


      Is it possible to do this?  I've tried to do it by creating several files and doing look-ups but it's becoming incredibly cumbersome.  Any thoughts and suggestions would be wonderful!


      Thanks a bunch!


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          Apologies, I should mention I'm using Filemaker 11.

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            Sorry, no answer for you but am interested.


            I'm a newb with a similar problem, but i can't get lookup value to work.


            so am just wanting to bump for a solution!

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              You have two options for this depending on what you want to see happen when you modify what values are to appear when you select a value in your drop down:


              Both options require storing these values in a second related table. Using the original post as our example, we'd define a table with three fields: MachineID, MachineRate, and MakeReady. Since there are 10 different pieces of machinery, you'd create 10 records in this table and enter the desired data into the corresponding MachineRate and MakeReady fields.


              Now you use your relationship graph to link your two tables by the Machine ID fields.


              Option 1: Use the looked up value field option to copy data from another table when a value is selected in the drop down. To implement this option for MachineRate, find the field in Manage | Database | Fields (Find it in your original table) and double click it. Select Looked Up value from the auto-enter tab and specify the matching machineRate field in the new look up table. With this option, if you change the machine rate in the look up table, only new records will show the new rate.


              Option 2: Simply add the field from the lookup table to your layout. Use the field tool to put the field on your layout and specify the field in your look up table. With this option any changes to data in the look up table will automatically update in all your existing records.

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                Sorry...I tried this and it doesn't seem to be working.


                I have multiple fields that I would like to auto-pop.


                Vendor Name (drop down list)

                Phone (auto-pop from drop down selection)


                2nd Fax


                I already made a table (Vendor) and linked it with my main table.


                The drop down list is based off of the Vendor Table.


                But, when I click on the drop down list, the other fields are not auto-popping.


                Am I missing something?


                Thank you!

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                  Well I described two different options. Which did you try to implement and how did you set it up?

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                    I used option 1.


                    I use the drop down to list the Vendor names.  That works fine, however, I would like the Vendor number, phone and fax numbers to auto-populate once the lender name is chosen.  I cannot get this to do it.  I'm sure I must be doing something wrong, but not sure what.

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                      How did you set this up?


                      For each field where you want a value looked up, what steps did you follow?


                      Also, check your relationship. One test is to try temporarily placing a portal to the related table on your layout. If you enter or select a vendor name, the portal will show the correct related record if your relationship is correctly defined and you'll need to check the field options you've selected for each looked up value field. If the portal remains blank, you'll have to examine your relationship to figure out what's wrong with it.