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Auto-fill multiple fields with one entry (company name - fill address etc.)

Question asked by ELBENNETT on Apr 15, 2010
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Auto-fill multiple fields with one entry (company name - fill address etc.)


File Maker Pro 10, Mac OS X 10.4.11 and this will be used on a network.


I am doing a database for my company - unfortunately we are all on Mac so we are using File Maker Pro (all my experience is in Access) I was certain I could figure this program out quick but I've hit a wall 2 days in, I don't want to go further for fear of having to go back to redo things.

What I need to do is:
Have different clients basic information (table 1 - clients)
Have multiple order forms for each client (table 2 - orders)
    Have the client data fill automatically into a new order form
    Have the order form appear in a client information history
Have the ability to search multiple fields to form a list. - we are advertising dept in a newspaper if that helps. So I need to search multiple fields in the Order form to show a list of ads that will run each week. Many order several weeks in a row and I do not want to have 6 order forms for one order.

The problem I am having is in the auto-fill. I've looked at several tutorials and I am beginning to wonder if FileMake simply can't do that? I've got my fields made, got them linked, and when I start to type in a name... nothing, not even for that field.

I am not against abandoning the multiple forms under one client, in turn for just searching a client and pulling up everything they have ever done, but I DO want to have the ability to auto-fill the address and phone information.

Also the ability to search the multiple fields to create a report of what will run on any given week is necessary.

Please let me know where to start. I will figure it out quick but it seems like any of the logical search words simply don't produce results.