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    Auto-fill multiple fields with one entry (company name - fill address etc.)



      Auto-fill multiple fields with one entry (company name - fill address etc.)


      File Maker Pro 10, Mac OS X 10.4.11 and this will be used on a network.


      I am doing a database for my company - unfortunately we are all on Mac so we are using File Maker Pro (all my experience is in Access) I was certain I could figure this program out quick but I've hit a wall 2 days in, I don't want to go further for fear of having to go back to redo things.

      What I need to do is:
      Have different clients basic information (table 1 - clients)
      Have multiple order forms for each client (table 2 - orders)
          Have the client data fill automatically into a new order form
          Have the order form appear in a client information history
      Have the ability to search multiple fields to form a list. - we are advertising dept in a newspaper if that helps. So I need to search multiple fields in the Order form to show a list of ads that will run each week. Many order several weeks in a row and I do not want to have 6 order forms for one order.

      The problem I am having is in the auto-fill. I've looked at several tutorials and I am beginning to wonder if FileMake simply can't do that? I've got my fields made, got them linked, and when I start to type in a name... nothing, not even for that field.

      I am not against abandoning the multiple forms under one client, in turn for just searching a client and pulling up everything they have ever done, but I DO want to have the ability to auto-fill the address and phone information.

      Also the ability to search the multiple fields to create a report of what will run on any given week is necessary.

      Please let me know where to start. I will figure it out quick but it seems like any of the logical search words simply don't produce results.

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          It may help to add a related table to orders where each record is a different date or date range when the ad is to be run. A portal (think subform) on an Orders layout would then list all the scheduled times as a series of rows in the portal. This portal, or the related table would be easier to search in order to find all the adds scheduled to run on a specific date or date range.


          There are several ways to set up what you want to that selecting a client causes other fields to display data from your cliients table.


          Option 1: the data is a "snap shot" physically copied from clients. If client data is later updated, this "snap shot" will not change.

          Option 2: the data is dynamically linked, any future changes to the related table's data will automatically appear on your layout.


          Option one uses "looked up value" field options set on matching fields in your orders table.

          Option two simply requires placing the fields from clients on your orders layout.


          Both options require that there be a correctly defined relationship linking the two tables. Setting up a ClientID number as an auto-entered serial number in clients is your best choice as a primary key for this table. Linking it to a matching number field in orders is all you need for either of the above options.