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    Auto-generating E-Mails



      Auto-generating E-Mails


      I have created a database of the Inventory for where I work. It is used by the staff to "check out" various items from their rooms. Each item has a time that it is needed back, represented by an overdue Item column. to check out the item, they have institutional e-mail that they use as an username. I am trying to create a script that will allow me to send out an e-mail for each over-due item. it would be nice for it to be completely automatic, but it doesnt have to be, as long as it is simple and quick enough for anybody to use.

      I am using FileMaker Pro 10 on a Mac G5 with low experience. 

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          I am making the assumption that this is a script that user will choose to run at some point, not a script that is scheduled to automatically run (which is also something you can do using FM Server).  If this case your script will look like this:


          • Step 1: Go to Layout ["Your Layout"]       //this is to make sure you are on the correct layout for your find
          • Step 2: Set Error Capture [On]               //this is  for your find, in case you do not find any overdue items, then this will supress the error message
          • Step 3: Perform Find [Restore]               //this performs the find in your overdue items field, my assumption is overdue item is set to 1 if it is overdue
          • Step 4: If [Get ( FoundCount ) > 0]        //this makes sure you have found one or more overdue items
          • Step 5:    Send Mail []                           //this is your Send Mail step, the options are up to you.  If you choose to send via client, and you are sending multiple emails I would suggest to check "Perform without dialog" in the Script Step Options.  If you choose SMTP options you may need to get with your Email administrator to set this up.
          • Step 6: End If

          Hope this helps!
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            Thanks for responding so fast