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Auto-Open Chained FM Files

Question asked by MarkCampbell on Apr 28, 2014
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Auto-Open Chained FM Files


     I have a series of related FM13 files: Solutions uses Markets which uses Sectors - see screenshot. A Solution has a pick list of Markets then, once a Market is selected, the Sector pick list is populated with sectors for this market (all works fine).

     I just set up Admin and Read-Only security privileges on these three files. When I open Solutions as Admin everything works OK - but when I open as the read-only user, it asks me to open the Sectors file with a username/password. 

     How can I get this to happen automatically? i.e., opening Solutions successfully for read-only will open Markets and Sectors for read-only.

     What I have tried with no success:

     - I have turned on File Access (Manage > Security > File Access) and authorized all tables. I have also turned this off on all three tables. I re-enabled this feature and it asks me to authorize the related tables (as you would expect) which I did and it still asks for a log in

     - I have also tried File Options > Open and unchecked Log In As: