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Auto-open file on log-in to an account in OSX

Question asked by NormanBelecki on Aug 28, 2014


Auto-open file on log-in to an account in OSX


     I have a FilemakerPro file that I want to set up to launch Filemaker and open the file for use or editing. In System Preferences:Users & Groups, I added the filename and path to log-in items. 

     When I log into that account, two odd things happen:

     Unlike the case with other applications, the Filemaker window containing that file does not appear; I have to click the bouncing icon in the dock for that to happen; and

     The file is opened as a read-only file, despite the permissions settings in both the system and in Filemaker.

     Can these problems be remedied?

     I am running FilemakerPro Advanced 13.0v3 on a MacBook Pro running OS 10.9.4.

     I would appreciate any assistance or ideas on how to tackle this problem. Thanks